FSSA Production of The Music Man 2017

When I was first cast into my school’s production of The Music Man, I was overcome with many emotions. Pervading through them was the shock and amazement that I, a lone instrumental major, was able to be cast in the highest attended event of the school year. Say what you’d like about it, but Meredith Wilson’s The Music Man is exactly what it needs to be. It’s funny, it’s grandiose, it has a heartfelt story, and it has a fantastic soundtrack. Hit after hit after hit. Besides all of this, it’s simply an extremely fun show to be in, which never gets boring and is always full of surprises. I am honored to present to you this year’s 60th anniversary production of The Music Man.

Apologies for not being able to embed it properly here, it should work just as well on Vimeo. Enjoy!

FSSA Jazz Concert 2017

All the 2016-17 shows are finally on Vimeo! Here is the jazz show from my school. Apologies for the audio discrepancies here and there, they mostly go away towards the end (which is where the best songs are anyway!) If you’re pressed for time, check out Peggy Lee’s Fever at 57:10, performed by the talented Erica Dancona, followed by Charle’s Mingus’ intensely political Fables of Fabus at 1:02:20, one of my favorite tunes and one that I have a solo on!