Circle Through New York: Contemporary Ensemble Compositions with Guggenheim Staff

My senior year at Frank Sinatra High School has been one of the more fruitful times artistically for me. Much of this was due to my participation in the school’s newly founded Contemporary Ensemble. This small group of 10 people was the first time that there was a class period dedicated to composition in the school, and cumulated in a final set of variations being performed by the ensemble. Master classes with Berklee professors and professional composers made this class one of the more productive classes at this school, and I am proud to have been one of the founding members.

In any event, I was fortunate enough to have the Guggenheim’s project Circle Through New York “circle through” my school, and even more fortunate to have them “circle through” contemporary ensemble. We were tasked with arranging the world’s oldest song in any way we saw fit, and we have been told that our works will be played on NPR and/or displayed in the Guggenheim itself. Despite our tight deadline I think we produced some great results, and I hope you enjoy our work!

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